Women Who Swim with Sharks

When we arrived in La Paz at the end of November, all our new sailing friends were doing the local tourist thing, which is going swimming with whale sharks. James asked if I wanted to do this. I said "F*CK NO! ARE YOU CRAZY? THAT SOUNDS TERRIFYING AND HORRIBLE!" One of my friends said she got bumped by a shark! Another said she had to swim very hard and fast. I am not a strong swimmer. I wasn't sure what a whale shark was, but it sounded bad-and-scary-and-no. People also snorkel with sea lions; maybe I wanted to do that? "HELLS NO!" No, I did not. Okay, so, the whale sharks just sift for plankton, so maybe... "NOPE. WTF. NO WAY." Whale sharks are the biggest fish in the sea. One banged into my friend! What if I like... ended up in its mouth somehow?

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