Women Who Swim with Sharks

When we arrived in La Paz at the end of November, all our new sailing friend were doing the local tourist thing, which is going swimming with whale sharks. James asked if I wanted to do this. I said "F*CK NO! ARE YOU CRAZY? THAT SOUNDS TERRIFYING AND HORRIBLE!" One of my friends said she got bumped by a shark. Another said she had to swim very hard and fast. I am not a strong swimmer. I wasn't sure what a whale shark was, but it sounded bad-and-scary-and-no. People also snorkle with sea lions; maybe I wanted to do that? "HELLS NO!" No, I did not.

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I am so happy for you! We had a whale shark encounter in Thailand twenty four years ago and it remains my favorite all time ocean story.

Love you both!!!

So much vicarious joy (plus a teensy bit of whatever the not-icky kind of envy would be) for you, brave shark swimmer!

I second exactly what Judith said!

Judith, I was tickled to learn from our mutual friend Anastasia in speaking of this the world “mudita”, which is Pali/Sanskrit for particularly sympathetic joy!

I just got enough signal to read this and watch the videos! Wow! How beautiful to watch you swim alongside the shark. I can imagine the mixture of joy and terror it must have stirred in you. I admire your fortitude to acknowledge your fears and not let them stop you. So proud of you! I can also imagine the feeling of accomplishment you must feel. I’m certainly feeling that for you!

Just had to log in and comment and say how much I’m loving the “women who run with the wolves” nod in the title. What an amazing experience!! P.S. Thanks for setting up a platform that’s not FB.

You’re the first person to mention it, Jessica; thanks for the catch on the title! You know, I never read that book. I think I shall do so next.

Thanks, too, for your support of the format. It was a bear for James to set up and is work to maintain, and folks are reluctant to use it; I post links sometimes to FB and I’ll get a dozen comments there on a post here… it seems hard for folks to step out of the convenience and familiarity there, even when we all know how utterly vile their moral actions have been. I’ll keep plugging away here, for sure!