While I Kiss the Sky

I am the life of the universe. Tat Twam Asi. This is my core belief. Yoga and meditation -- turning inward -- have long been my way to that. This strange year of isolation, I remembered what I knew when I was small: turning outward. When the pandemic hit, we were in La Cruz de Huanacaxtle, on Banderas Bay, Mexico. We decided to stay, and to isolate. I turned to the sky. This bay is a crater: round, ringed by mountains except where it opens onto the sea. It's the most astonishing feeling to live here, like the earth is cupping you in the palm of her hand. Living on the water's edge makes the whole thing feel like a bowl of sea and sky with a little rim of mountains holding it in.

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This is my favorite post yet! The photos are absolutely stunning. And I can really get a sense of the peace you must feel with such a deep connection to nature and your surroundings. Thank you for this inspiration! :heartpulse:

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Lisa, thank you so much for saying this! I wasn’t sure whether this post would resonate for other people, and I’m so glad to hear that it does for you. I hope you are well and getting out onto your own bay!