We Forgot About Netflix

When we lived on land, like just about everyone else we knew, we watched Netflix after dinner pretty much every day. Recently, I realized that I couldn't remember the last time we'd watched Netflix despite having been at a dock with wifi for several weeks. Thinking back, I realized that we hadn't picked it up since Santa Barbara in mid-October, and suggested we cancel our account. James' initial response was rather GIR:

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Hi adventure-friends! Happy New Year!
I’m still here, reading your posts and appreciating them so much - I got caught up over the winter holiday and just had a good laugh at the netflix phenomenon. I get it. Just like drinking wine every night, it’s easier to stop once you stop. And then suddenly: moderation.

I was thrilled to read about your Yucatan experience - we spent 3 months there, meandering from gulf to coast, beach to jungle, cenote to ruin, city to pueblo… and THRILLED to have your guide recommendation. I’m going to email him asap - we’re going back to our favorite beach town, Puerto Morelos (between Cancun and Playa del Carmen), for Serena’s spring break this year. If he won’t come up to us, we’ll drive down to him! And if you end up staying in Mexico, maybe you’ll come for a visit (early April!)
Much love to you both!

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Darling, I loved hearing all this! Thanks for your appreciation about the Netflix. It’s so common now, but I think it’s a dissociative addiction for most of us, a way to not-feel.

I hope you get to meet Pepe! He only works in the Tulum area, I believe. I am sure you’d love him; such a kind, fascinating man.

We’ll be up in the Gulfo de California / Sea of Cortez come April and sending you great love!!