WE DID IT: Sailing Out of the Golden Gate

Friday morning September 14 at 8:51 we cast off our dock lines from our berth at Marina Bay Yacht Harbor, which is where 'joice was when we bought her, and which has been our home base for the past year.

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Sail on, sweet Rejoicers❣️

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Thank you, Mary!

Thank you for the deep vicarious pleasure. Chills traveled up and down my body. Hello world indeed!!!:heart:

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Oh how your post just filled me with exhilaration. I am so delighted for you three (had to include Rejoice in there) and can’t wait to see what the seas hold for you. Sending much love to you. <3

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Courage becomes you both. Our love and wishes for many new horizons to be explored by Rejoice. It makes me want to say Arrrrrrr, Laddy for some reason. Maybe it’s the pirate in all of us that so looks forward to your adventures. Fare the well…

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Amy, Rejoice is a person and part of the family to us, and your sentiments are warmly appreciated. She is SO HAPPY to be back on the ocean!

Paw, we feel so lucky to have your support; so many cruisers say their families hand them lots of guilt and fear. We’re so happy and grateful that all our parents have supported us. Love love love!

The beauty! The emotion! The thrill! How wonderful to be surrounded by friends for your sendoff through the Gate! It’s a different world beyond the bay, but I know you will both navigate it with open arms, adventure and much love. Whoohoo, you’re sailing!!

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Thank you, dear Kristina!