The Umbrella Downwind Regatta

Now THIS is my kind of race! Latitude 38, a sailing magazine and West Coast sailing community nexus, has an annual event at the summer solstice called Summer Sailstice. This falls during hurricane season here on Banderas Bay, when the seasonal sailors have left and folks who are here are often hunkered down carefully. So Katrina and Mike, our brilliant community leaders, have this fantastic tradition: The Umbrella Downwind Regatta. You can use any floating platform under 14' (4.2 meters), a paddle for a steering tiller or to fend off boats to prevent impact but not to paddle, and some kind of jerry-rigged sail, usually an umbrella. Donations were collected from the participants to benefit the El Cora Santuario de Crocodilos, the wonderful sanctuary we visited in March that cares for crocodiles and, really, any other animals that folks bring by. They are good and caring folks.

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That looks like so much fun! It’s so wonderful to see things opening up up again. Dahlia, I love seeing your posts and am so happy to see you having fun! It brings me such joy.