The Nature of Existence: A Letter upon Love or Why ONE is Tattooed on My Wrist

One of my students, following the end of a romantic relationship, found themselves feeling horribly about themselves as well as heartbroken.

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How beautiful, Kristie! So many of the things you mentioned rhymed within me, particularly the conditional love that is sometimes taught. I haven’t thought about it in that manner, but it brings me a lot of contemplation for the journey I’m having with Maya. And that brings me to, the veil of Maya, I so agree with you that painful experiences often pierce that veil more easily than happy ones. Except parenthood I’m discovering, as I am spending time with Maya (the baby, not the veil), I’m acutely aware of the impermanence of these experiences. I’m so happy I hugged a couple of months ago and your perfume lingered on me, I’m happy to house a bit of your essence until I have to return it to the universe again… Keep these posts coming, it is so lovely.

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Beloved Ava, deep and heart-felt bows to you; thank you for being my first commenter, and for these thoughtful words. You are right; being with a brand-new person is definitely another way to pierce the veil, and one that I do not often hear addressed in the old teachings; probably because so many of these teachings come from monastic lineages. Being present to a the vastness and newness of a consciousness that is not yet shaped by language and to which all experience is new… ah. And of course I, as a woman who does not have children, can only imagine some aspects of what you are describing. Maya is so lucky to have you and Apollo as parents; people who understand the power of mystery and story and magic and who think so very hard about being. I look tremendously forward to seeing her grow.

I am so very glad to have finally had the chance to spend some time with you this year at our annual gathering, and I look forward to seeing you soon as we wind our way down the coast!