The Crossing: No Resistance to the Darkness

for Mary Oliver, whose spirit left her body during this trip, and whose words have long guided my heart

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Congratulations on your first crossing with just the two of you! The photos were beautiful, and I could picture what it must have been like, just one of you awake at night, alone. Then the short spell of time when there are two. Then the other, awake, alone. The feeling of going to bed and waiting for sleep while your partner and love takes the helm. I imagine that all of your lifetime of sitting has prepared you well for this.

I also imagine the cold calculations and the underlying fear that you must have felt when you noticed the rudder issue, and I see the effort and emotion that must have required. Thank you for sharing it with us, and you have my deep admiration for seeing it as one of the things that happens when you sail. And also for letting the repair wait a day while you let yourself relax and be received. Love to you both. Thank you for being so transparent with us, so we can feel at least a small part of what it must feel like to be in your boat with you.

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What a wonderful container your works are for my experience, as your friendship is for my heart. Thank you, darling Aimee!

Your discriptions are vivid. I feel like I’m on the boat with you! Thank you for the pictures and videos. You are a brave woman.

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Thank you, DoReMeSail!

Tears are welling up in my eyes as I read this. So much new territory in every way for you two. I’m remembering the story my sister sent after she sailed the exact same route for the first time. For them, their motor died about 25 miles of shore. I can imagine your panic of seeing the water seeping in to the bottom of your boat… so many thoughts running… so many thoughts when you are awake and trading off sleeping with sailing with James… delirium. I’m glad to hear you are safe. There are some very kind boat people who fix boats in Mexico, I know you will be on your way again soon. Lovely story, Kristie. What an adventure.

Beautiful. Thank you for sharing so many vivid details. The night passage under the moon seems very peaceful. And the sunrise images are spectacular. Enjoy Mazatlan.

I love Mary Oliver as well. Her poems are so so special.

And I love that you thought of not backing up your accounting in your post OCSC review of the life raft contents…that sounds like something I would do :slight_smile:

Good luck on this next chapter of open ocean!

Kristina, we are currently in the boatyard in Mazatān! James is doing the rudder repair himself, and the wonderful guys who work here are upgrading the paint on the bottom of our hull. We are happy and well!

Your sister’s experience sounds so scary! Yeek! So glad to know she got through it.

Abbe, thanks for your kind thoughts! The night passage was incredible, though finding the leak at 1a made it not very restful. In retrospect, the whole thing is a wonderful memory, we are fascinated to find!

Lisa, I’m glad to see you are following our journey! Hope your own sailing is sweet; saw you were out for your birthday – belated happy birthday wishes to you!

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