That requires specialization and specialization

In fact most of our choices are almost not based on logic - that is, rational thought of cost versus benefit - but all of us (or the absolute majority of the population) are driven mainly by emotion. If you examine the advertisements of the biggest brands in the world, you will find that they never sell the product itself, but instead appeal to our emotions and feelings. The great advantage of using video is the ability to convey a variety of feelings and emotions through sound and image that detail a variety of senses at the same time. Promotional video production Anyone who deals with advertising on Facebook knows the enormous value of viral marketing and also, the difficulty of successfully producing such a viral post.

But one thing can be agreed upon almost completely, a video has a much higher chance of becoming viral than a post based on text or a static image (stills) and this, as mentioned, is that watching a video not only requires no effort from us, it also activates a variety Senses Special Database detailing our feelings. If we go back to the world of journalism for a moment, we see a trend towards the transmission of video articles, at the same time as a growing reliance on live broadcasting on the Internet which comes at the expense of traditional channels such as print newspapers and even television channels.

It is true that the main news broadcasts still dominate the dome, but the trend of moving to alternative broadcasts certainly threatens this hegemony (a fascinating topic for another article). What can and is important to learn from the way the independent media channels work, is the ability to produce a quality video broadcast on a zero budget. The common perception is that producing marketing videos for a business is an expensive and complex matter.