Stumbling into Magic: El Cladavista

After we completed our work in the boatyard we decided to linger in Mazatlán; Carnaval was not far off and Mazatlán's Carnaval is quite famous, one of the largest in the world. Carnaval is a public celebration of indulgence that often precedes the austerities of Lent in Catholic countries, particularly in Latin America. New Orleans' Mardi Gras is a Carnaval festival. Yesterday we went for a meander, exploring the area where the main events will be held before it is packed with people, because James is filled with wise ideas. In the magic way of urban wandering, we stumbled upon something incredible while we were getting the lay of the land.

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Ah the magic of wandering around a place, paired with the anticipation and preparation of Carnaval. Must have felt a little like exploring at Burning Man? The photos are amazing, and I love and admire that Dahlia who throws herself at things she fears.

I imagine it will be rather like Burning Man later – the main event is a “Burning of Bad Humor” that seems likely to have inspired Burning Man! But at this point, everything was empty! There were concession stands and bathrooms. Men were pulling chains to lift speakers and finishing stage setups. Folks were laying out piles of coconuts and lighting fires to cook meat, but no one was buying yet. It was like being backstage at something amazing before the doors open. As we walked down to where the busses were still running so we could get one back to the marina, folks were beginning to pour up, all dressed up. Blinky lights. Flower crowns. A cowboy. A mickey mouse being pushed in a wheelbarrow. There were people out yesterday sitting to hold spots for the parade that happens on Sunday night! It’s going to be pretty wild.

Last night there was a 3 story fishing boat with a mariachi band on the back all lit up and doing loops in the channel alongside the marina. Just lovely; I’ve got some video I’ll share when I post about Carnaval!

I love love love this photo of you. It looks like something I would clip from a magazine and glue onto a vision board about freedom from fear (or maybe a better title is freedom to embrace fear). Catching up on many posts here and so delighted by your writing and images. Thank you for sharing so vividly and with vulnerability as always, love.


Ditto to what nutmeg wrote!
Ahhhh THIS photo is so picturesque- so “Kristie and James getting free”, it tells such a tale… and the truth behind the picture, as you eloquently described, makes it all the more captivating!
Sooo interesting the man who wanted to dive for you for money… that’s an entire story in itself.

James, keep up the great ideas!


Ah, Megs, Freedom to Embrace Fear is so good! Yes, I’m learning that: to be curious about my fear, to see it as zesty rather than limiting. Some friends just invited us to visit them when they are in Alaska this summer, said we’d need to come via seaplane, and I amazed myself by thinking that sounded awesome. Part of me was just STUNNED. It’s definitely not just gone, but more encompassed with something larger: the compassion and curiosity we seek to apply to all things in our practice, hm? LOVE YOU.