Sea Folk: Pyrate Steve and Nick the Diesel Jesus

James and Dan and I went out for food after our 24.5 passage from Monterey to Morro Bay. I am REALLY looking forward to telling you that story, but it's in progress, and I want to tell you this one in the meantime. We had sailed overnight in freezing cold and through heavy fog. We were euphoric to be landed and were staggering about looking at restaurants, deciding where we wanted to eat our celebratory meal. We stopped for a moment to admire a very unique piece of public art.

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Kristie - I love that you are embracing the local history along the way as well as your sailing journey thru the waters capturing the sunrises and sunsets and many sea creatures you have been so blessed to witness in their natural habitat.
I feel I can witness living history thru their stories and the memories that people hold dear about them long after they are gone.
I especially love the photo of the bronze statues - how many must have stood there never knowing if they would see their loved ones return. Thank you for sharing - your writings make the stories come to life.
Love ----- Ma


Thank you so much for these lovely words, Ma! The bronze statue was particularly powerful for me in another way – during our time in Morro Bay, Dr. Christine Blasey Ford was standing to testify, and women were on fire everywhere. I would read the news and then get out of the boat for a run to clear myself. I’d run along the waterfront though the little tourist district, through the section behind restaurants and warehouses where seafood gets unloaded, along the docks, and then out the long sandy finger that wraps out around the big volcano that is Morro Rock. I’d stop and look at the statue of the woman and her children and feel so very, very grateful to be a woman who can take to the sea.


I’m SO SO happy about this! Such an epic moment, and that bronzed front seat sculpture pops into my head at least once a day. Somehow I missed the family sculpture, which is maybe for the best as it probably would have wrecked me if I’d seen it. That is really an extra magical place.

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Ah, so glad to hear this struck you deeply as well, dear Dan!

The family sculpture was not along the portion of the path you walked; it is out farther where the little strip of land wraps right under Morro Rock. We sailed in past it, but did not walk out along it together. I ran past it in the mornings later. So glad I could share a little more with you.