Remember SAILING?

We're so happy with our choice to live aboard Rejoice at dock here on gorgeous Banderas Bay for the pandemic thus far! We're also really, really ready to get back to the water and the wander. The Banderas Bay Blast was the weekend of my birthday. We decided to join it for our first time off the dock since April 2020!

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Aah, so wonderful to see Rejoice at anchor, and to see you out on the water again! I look forward to your adventures in 2022. Happy New Year!

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Oh, how we look forward to our adventures, too! This time at dock on this beautiful bay has been both healing and challenging; what a powerful time in the world it is; a time of transformation. We are so very intimate with our ship after so very much time inside her and we look forward to bobbing on the waves again. We’re so grateful to you, Aimee, for being part of our shoreside support! Happy New Year!