Project Breakdown: Companionway Screen Door

Yesterday I finished making a companionway screen door. This is probably not a general-interest post, though you might dig it if you love problem solving! This is a love letter to the Sewing On Boats Facebook group; I posted a photo there and several people asked for details. Having learned much in that community, I'm honored to be asked and glad to share.

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Oh the photos are so good! I’ve followed along a bit as you’ve made this, and as you conditioned your sailor’s palm, but seeing the photos along with the story line really help me understand your thought process as you evolved toward this design. It’s excellent! And hooray for no more mosquito bites!

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Thanks, Aimee! If I’d been planning to document the project I’d have taken photos along the way; I wish I had better images for some of the phases to offer. Glad this seems useful. We are LOVING the screen door!

I love seeing your crafty side, Dahlia! There are a lot of crafts going on around here – I think it’s an interesting side effect of the shelter in place orders. Much love to you and James.

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