Our Saloon

When we bought Rejoice, her saloon looked like this:

Removing the TV/DVD player and taking out the carpet came first. After that, we debated for months whether to reupholster our settees, and if so, whether to try it ourselves or hire someone else. It's hard to imagine being happier with the results we got from working with Gianola Canvas! Meghan, our awesome and chill upholsterer, came to our marina to make a pattern and pick up the settees. We handled the disassembly, which took about 90 minutes and was helped tremendously by a tip from Meghan about where she had once seen buried screws; ours was the same way.

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Such a lovely and comfortable home you’ve made. I love how you’ve both made it yours and made wise choices about the fabrics and surfaces. It’s been such a delight to watch the metamorphosis over the years!