Monster Trucks, the Ferris wheel, and Ribbon Fries, Oh My!

My mama and her husband live in Maine and James and I really enjoy visiting. This year they are both dealing with health issues, so we spend a few lovely hours at their house each day, then slip off to our own place when they need to rest. Mama suggested that we might want to check out the Windsor Fair, which has been taking place since 1888. Oh my gosh, we had so much fun! First there were Monster Trucks: Buckshot, Lumberjack, Student Driver, Storm Damage, Toxic, and local favorite Crushstation, who, yes, is shaped like a lobster.

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I love the sound of your delight over the slight squeak of the ferris wheel as you get to see the sparkly carnival below you. I really enjoy that kind of summer fair which are rampant in New England, and when we lived in Paris we were lucky enough to stumble upon a few there, too. Hooray for sweet late summer nights out!

I’ve never had ribbon fries, but they sound amazing. David usually gets fried dough or funnel cakes. NOM.

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Oh yes, fried dough used to be my favorite! So delicious. You must try Ribbon Fries sometime! Just spiralized and fried; all about the texture.

The secret video was also my favorite! So cute! Me and Da went to a county fair in Ventura early on in our relationship and it remains one of our fondest memories!! <3