Mama Said There'd Be Days Like This

Yesterday I wanted to lie down and found that all six of the sleeping surfaces aboard Rejoice were covered with projects that were on pause for some reason. We woke today on the settees in the saloon (the bench-couches in the main cabin) because our berth is torn up to work on the battery bank underneath it and finishing that hasn't been the first reasonable priority. A beverage went into a laptop last night. My sewing machine is slipping stitches. I spent half an hour on the phone with Intuit to reregister my copy of Quickbooks because of a prior snafu. The man I was speaking with was not very intelligent, not very friendly, and I was unsure of every piece of verification data he wanted because it was addresses and phone numbers and I have moved so much in recent years. Final preparations are like turning on a faucet at our bank account. We sat down last night to invite people to our going away gathering, which meant sifting a thousand social media contacts each and thinking over and over "Oh, I love you. Do you live here?" Turns out there are more people we love than FB allows one to invite to an event, so if you didn't get an invitation, that means only that we ran out of invitations before we got to your name.

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