It's all the Same F*cking Day, Man

I hadn't had more than three weeks without work (except for 2 surgical recoveries) since I was 16 years old until I stopped teaching just before we left San Francisco last fall. That's 32 years of work.

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More than anywhere we’ve visited, I feel like this post says more about where we’ve gone.

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Oh, thank you, darling. This means so much to me!

I noticed it happening again this morning as I was waking; saw my mind take a moment to figure out where we are. My internal location setting seems to have become very loose! Or perhaps my self-awareness deeper with the increasing meditation so I notice more…

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For whatever it’s worth, I also see a loosening in you, Dahlia. Less “where are we going and what’s next” and more “eh, I’ll let you know when we have plans.” I think you had known this was coming, because you’ve told me to expect it, and yet still for a while I felt the “we think we’ll be here for N days and then we think we’ll go there.” I can’t say exactly when it was, but now it feels more like “We’re here now. I’ll let you know when we’re going somewhere else.”

I find this to be delightful! In part because I recognize that you are relaxing into your life, but in another selfish part, because it’s like I’m watching/participating in a choose your own adventure book but you two are choosing and I’m just along for the ride. There are some larger framing issues you work out (like where you want to be during hurricane season) but the rest, these days, seems like it’s driven by weather, wind, and your own desires.

I want to come visit next year, and live with you for a week. I’m not sure I could spare more time than that, but I love the feeling of losing time and just being, and I bet being with you could get me to that point much more quickly. :heart:


Oh, this reflection means so much to me; thank you!

I find that people assume all our days are idyllic sightseeing or being at anchor. In reality, most of our days are spent caring for our life, just as in any life: getting food, making food, caring for the boat, and for me, working part-time; I worked 3-4 days a week from late November through early March. We try to reflect this reality in the blog without boring folks with details, and my Instagram story holds a lot of the daily minutia. It would be quite possible to keep the GOING DOING mindset in this life! Lots of folks do: hurrying the journey, consumption-based model of experience, ticking off boxes: SEE THIS, SEE THIS, SEE THIS.

We are trying to learn to go slow, to be easy, to balance the necessary doing with spaciousness… to learn to let go and to show up more, both. Always such a dance! The yogis would say it’s the two wings of the bird of freedom, practice and nonattachment. Show up, let go, show up, let go…

We would LOVE to have you come visit for week. Absolutely.