Isla Isabel: The Galapagos of Mexico

Isla Isabel (also called Isla Isabela) is a small volcanic island, a little over a mile square, and about 45 miles from the nearest port. Often called the Galapagos of Mexico, and famous for the documentary that Jacques Cousteau made here, this little island is a National Park and a UNESCO World Heritage Site. Other than a small row of fishermen's shacks and a small scientific campsite, the island is uninhabited by humans. It is heavily inhabited by birds, who have no natural predators here, and therefore do not startle easily. You can walk among the thousands of nesting Magnificent Frigatebirds and Blue Boobies (No, I'm not making those names up!) like any other animal. Doing so was one of the most beautiful experiences I've had.

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Wow so epic! I love how happy and clear you both look!

As I mentioned to you, it’s impossible for me to say Blue-Footed Boobie without saying it (or at the VERY least thinking it) in David Attenborough’s voice. I loved watching your videos and seeing your still images. It’s crazy to think that a normal person (i.e. not a National Geographic photography team) can just go there and see all of that magnificent wildlife up close. So amazing!

A long time ago, I used to be so jealous of older people I had spoken to who had lived abroad and traveled widely. I still find it a little crazy that I have been able to shape my life in that way. Do you and James have a similar feeling? The feeling of how and when did we become these intrepid explorers?

Love to you both!

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Isla Isabel sounds beautiful. I hope I get to visit there some day. I went to the Galapagos in 1991 for my 30th bday! I was on a sailboat with just 6 other people and a lot of crew with a charter company called Inca Floats. I fell in love with Blue-footed Boobies! And there are red-footed ones there as well. Been loving all your posts. And Eve and I look forward to seeing you at “la boda de Mayvon!”

Aimee, since I left my parents’ house, everything has been such a surprise; I’ve constantly felt that way! I try to keep it bright, that awareness of how much my reality is a surprise and delight. Coming back to La Paz after 3 months on the wander has been another layer of that, delightful surprise at how much I have changed since I was here last. Always so happy to keep growing with you; I hope we keep surprising ourselves!