Hiking Cerro del Mono, Monkey Mountain

Last week, after a year and a half of being neighbors and coconspirators, James and I finally had dinner with Mike and Cat, an incredible local couple who are the heart of sailing in La Cruz. It was incredible to be physically close to friends again after so long practicing a loving distance!

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That looks amazing! Thank you for sharing the story and images of this adventure!

You’re very welcome, dear one! It’s nice to be having some adventure again!!

This looks glorious! The picture of your friend is stunning; she definitely looks luminous. As I often think when reading your posts or seeing your pictures on instagram, it warms and soars my heart how deeply you are living, enjoying, and embracing life. You inspire a zest for life and a holding for all creatures large and small. Hugs friend.

Is that a monocular in your pocket, or…? What a gorgeous hike! The pictures make the forest look so large and you humans look so small!

Tee hee; you are in fact one of my inspirations, dear Laura, so it looks like we’re in a virtuous cycle. What a delight!

Aimee you are right; the jungley forest here has a big scale! It reminds me of something I once heard the poet Gary Snyder say, though I cannot remember if the words were his own, and I am paraphrasing decades later: That our human lives seem so quick to the trees – and that to the stones, even the trees are just passing through. I find it such a comfort.

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