Hanging in There in Mazatlán

You might remember that when we were crossing the Gulfo de California / Sea of Cortez, we had some concerns about our rudder after a dull thud that didn't match the pattern of things clattering about in lockers in the waves (1 meter every 4 seconds) led James to discover water seepage. It turned out to be a positive outcome, as such things go; our rudder is designed to allow water intrusion through a little groove when the seal needs to be replaced as a way to indicate this, and the thunk says that our bearings are also due to be replaced. We've been seeing a bit of bilge water whose source we had not determined and this explains it. It's more of a maintenance issue than a repair in that it's to be expected, but it had a couple complexities in that the parts we needed were in Sweden and the work can't be done with the boat in the water.

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Nice cushions!! And god bless UPS when it works. :slight_smile:

Thank you, LisaK!

One day, you’ll see Mazatlán from the aft as you sail away, and that will be a good day! Until then, you two are troopers for doing what needs to be done.