Half Moon Bay to Monterey

Since coastal cruising is new to us, we are doing our best to stay wide open, clear, and limit our expectations. We set out for the Golden Gate on Friday morning with minimal fanfare, just texting a few friends late the night before. We didn't tell our marina or our parents we were gone until after we achored safely and happily at Pillar Point in order to leave open the possibility of returning for more time at a familiar home base should that seem wise. We made no schedule; we just said: let's take this hop and see how we feel.

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I’m late to the congratulations, but so very enthused for your adventure! Hopefully I’ll make it back to Southern California for a bit while you are still passing through. The life a’sea becomes you both! Even the cetaceans think so.

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OMG - you did it!! I’m so happy for you! Congratulations, indeed.
Looking forward to following along - thanks for sharing.
Fair Winds, Dear Ones.

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Thank you for your sweet words, darling! We’ll probably be in LA in a few days, for a few days. Most of our time is spent preparing the boat when we are not sailing it, as supplies and parts are much harder to find in Mexico and shipping is expensive and not entirely reliable. We do aim to spend some time being social in LA, though. Drop us a line directly if you’ll be around! xoxoxo

We sure did! So glad to hear you are reading along. Every comment is such a gift; it’s good to know people are here with us. Love and thanks!

Josey, sailing was new to us a few years ago! The Bay is a great place to learn because the conditions are demanding and exciting; most other places will be easier than what you find there. Hope you enjoy!

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I didn’t realize you were heading out to the Baja Haha! How exciting! Have you met Virginia and Bob Gleser? I attended a couple of talks at the local Pacific Boat Show. Virginia wrote a book “Harmony on the High Seas”. Harmony is the name of their boat. Every year they travel from the Bay Area to Mexico where Harmony is stored “on the hard” then they sail to Tenacatita. There is a community of boaters some regulars and some that sailed down with the Baja Haha.

Yes, we have met the Glessers. They speak at the Pacific Boat Show every year, and we have some Bay Area friends in common.