Ha-Ha Leg Three: Bahia Santa Maria to Cabo

2018 was, we are told, the least windy conditions ever seen on the Baja Ha-Ha in all its 25 years. Most folks had to motor most of the way. There were many engine issues, alternator issues, electrical issues from systems unaccustomed to such sustained use -- in normal conditions, it would be highly unlikely you would run your motor for days on end! There were folks who ran out of diesel. There were many kind stories of mutual support; still, a bunch of boats dropped out along the way. Two boats whose crews we met during our sweet time in Morro Bay dropped out (Steve on SV Grand Trine and Tim on SV Sojourner, we'd love to hear from you if you are seeing this!) and we don't know if that was a temporary pause or a big shift in plans. Friendships form deeply and connections pass quickly in the floating world.

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