Five Minutes On Marriage: For Mamie & Kayvon

Kayvon and Mamie asked three couples of different generations to speak upon love and marriage during their wedding ceremony. We were honored to be the middle couple. This is the most profoundly collaborative writing we have ever done. Afterward, we were asked by many people for a copy, so we promised to share. We hope it serves you well.

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So grateful for this. thank you for sharing. :dizzy:

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This is one of the most stunningly concise and accurate explanations of a great relationship I’ve ever heard. Thank you SO much for sharing this. Thank you.

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This is extraordinarily beautiful. I honestly think you should publish it. Every wedding/commitment ceremony/etc. would be blessed to have this read - both for those the ceremony is celebrating and honoring, and all those bearing witness. Thank you for sharing it.

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Laura, in our experience, we have published this. Here it is! I’m curious to hear where else you think it belongs?

Thank-you Kristie and James. You’re such an inspiration. I love the tree and forest metaphors for relationship. A world of wisdom in there. I’ll cherish and re-read these words. <3

Thank you. So lovely and wise.

How many times has one partner said “The forest is on fire!!” only to get a blank look or a placating gesture? How many partners have watched their beloved struggle and tried SO HARD to fix whatever was wrong, all the while neglecting to witness the other in their struggle, and offer support? I love what you have both said here, and how you’ve so neatly and directly pointed out the places where growth happens, and where it is stunted. I love you both. I hope Mamie and Kayvon heed your advice, and thrive.

Ahhhh. This is a spectacular & beautiful description of what a marriage should be.
We had Khalil Gibran’s “On Marriage” read at our wedding which has some similar themes but your metaphor of the intertwined roots of two majestic trees topped with individual branches that are wild and beautiful and ever changing and always their own is so resplendent with truth. And yes, sometimes the forest is on fire. And the branches are not always beautiful. You’ve given such clear guidance on how to respond and work through those challenges. Marriage is a long game. But it can be a rewarding one, as the two of you demonstrate.
Thank you for sharing this. :heart:

In addition to published here, I think I imagined a small book that was filled with wise words about love, life, relationships, and more, and that this was included. A compilation from different souls if you will. Or, somehow it got shared and shared online, finding its way to folk that it was meant to be found by.

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What a lovely thought! To be honest, people have been suggesting for many years that James and I write a book about marriage. Perhaps one day! For now, we love using our blog as the place to share our writing; may your wish about that voice spreading and spreading come true!

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