Everyday Magnificence: Frigatebirds

Aside from my beloved X.O., Magnificent Frigatebirds have been my most constant companions while exploring Mexican waters aboard Rejoice. I found them breathtaking from the start, appearing in their in elegant soaring congregations hundreds of feet above us, welcoming us to the waters of Pacific Mexico as we made our way around Cabo San Lucas.

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What a beautiful post! I went from feeling sorry for the poor flying fish to amazed at the prowess of the frigate bird, with a little stop in the middle to “aaaaaw!” at the little chicks. Though, I must admit, those flying fish have it rough.

It feels as though you’ve been through several cycles of observation and research, which makes your storytelling so vivid. I imagine those people who try to circumnavigate in gliders, and I think that must be as close as a human can get to a frigate bird. If only we could half-sleep like that!

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Dr. James Home, Aquatic Ornithologist :wink: . Great writing and photos. ps: did you see the film Albatross by Chris Jordan? Beautiful, poetic, heartbreaking… Full length feature FREE here: