El Faro Mazatlán: The Lighthouse

What you read is "the highest lighthouse in the Americas!" What you don't read is: tiny building atop a huge lump of rock jutting into sea at the end of town! What everyone tells you is: The climb! followed by Have you done it? You must. They were right! It's a gorgeous half hour hike wrapping wrapping the conical, 515ft (157m) Cerro del Creston. I sprained my ankle early in our tenure in Mazatlán, so we didn't make it to this famous attraction until our last night! What a sweet way to say goodbye.

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I love this story of how you faced your fear on the glass bridge! You’ve inspired me to try to get down with more of my fears. Spiders, here I come!

By the way, I think this blog posts might reference a few photographs that did not get uploaded. I want to see the panorama!

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Thanks for letting me know this was not clear, dear Aimee! I have clarified the language: the panorama referred to is formed by the three photographs which follow those words. It is a figurative panorama, not a single iPhone panorama shot.

thanks for the awesome information.

thanks my issue has been fixed.