Cojo Anchorage to Santa Barbara

To recap, we sailed from Morro Bay to Avila Beach, where we spent a brief, rolly night and rose at 3a to round Point Conception, landing on the far side at Cojo Anchorage. We spent another rolly night here and woke with the dawn to head onward to Santa Barbara, where we looked forward to docking and getting some decent sleep. We were so tired, and the dawn was so beautiful.

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You said in the post before this one that you were curious who was reading your blog. Since you asked, I wanted to let you know I am reading. I am responding to this post instead of the other one, because of those dolphins! What a lovely video and what an inspiring blog! Thank you for sharing your adventure with us! It is much appreciated! :heart:

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Wendy, it’s so lovely to know that you are here! Thanks for taking the time so post.

When I just write and post, it’s like speaking to the air. Who knows who is reading? When folks take a moment to let me know they are reading, I feel their company, and it makes me feel held in the world and that the work of the writing is being seen. So good!

Happened to be listening to the start of Conan Mockasin’s new album Jassbusters while watching your dolphin friends, which was just about as perfect a calm moment as one can have in the middle of a rushed work day :wink:

I love the light you are experiencing, all the dawns and dusks you two get to be immersed in every day you’re out there. That’s the good stuff.

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That photo of you walking on the path in SB Kristie is so beautiful, it makes me cry every time I look at it! My heart is so full knowing you are both living your dream, being your full, free selves. <3


Yes, Ryan, the basic state of the planet is a constant in our lives now: the sunrise, the sunset, the crane fishing for bright little silver fish off of the next dock, the sea lions barking, the dolphins coming to play. It’s so entirely grounding.

I’ve got Jassbusters on; it is indeed a great chill soundtrack for boat times! Always happy for your musical suggestions; you are so wise that way!

Much love to you and Shannon.

Aw, Jenancona, you are so sweet! I love you!

That photo of you and James makes my heart sing, and I’m with Jenifer - that dreamy photo of you walking in twilight sigh so mystical magical, makes me misty-eyed!

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If you were there you’d be misty-eyed from my pungent aroma after the long sail, hahahahahahah. LOVE YOU, Megs!

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