Caleb is 50! Our Trip to Tulum

Caleb and Tricia are some of our favorite humans, so when Tricia asked if we'd be able to come to Tulum to celebrate Caleb's 50th birthday with a few friends, we said HECK YES. Okay, actually, when she asked, we were in her house in Oakland, and the idea that we would actually sail to Mexico was still theoretical, and the idea that we would then find a place to leave Rejoice and figure out how to get across Mexico was kind mind-blowing. But we adore these humans and treasure our time with them, so we figured it out! We tied up 'joice at the lovely Marina de La Paz and bought airline tickets to fly from La Paz to Cancun, where we met up with our friends and a shuttle picked us up and took us to Tulum.

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I enjoyed reading your post so much that I’ve read it three times! I’m so glad you all got to enjoy the centoe and canal tour with Pepe (it’s one of my all time top experiences as well). Being intimate with wild nature with reverence and respect is so magical and grounding. We created CX to facilitate those connections and to create lasting impressions with everyone as they take these memories back home – sustainable living, the little crab, manatee snouts, sea birds, fish nurseries, magical cenotes, the coral below and the stars above. Each is a gift worth experiencing and fiercely protecting. Thank you for sharing your experience with us here.

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Thanks to you for sharing Casa Xixim, Jenny. What a beautiful and well-designed place you’ve created!

I am so glad that you enjoyed your time on the peninsula. I was born in Merida, and spent every summer there until I was 15. My father moved back to Merida after he retired, and I suspect that one day I’ll do the same. So much magic!!

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