Cabo San Lucas to Los Frailes: Two Tries, and Our First Emergency

The first time we left Cabo San Lucas, the day seemed mild, the forecast was good, and we didn't have far to go, so we left in the late morning. As we approached to the point at the edge of the bay, though, the wind picked up very rapidly, the seas grew rough, and in about 20 minutes we went from wondering if we'd have enough wind to sail to sailing nicely along to reefing our sails (shrinking them to catch less wind to keep the boat manageable) to saying "OH MY GOD LET'S TURN AROUND."

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While this was happening, it must have been terrifying, but in retrospect, it’s amazing that you were literally caught with your pants down! Kudos to you and the Captain for your grace under pressure, which must have felt like the scariest thing ever at the moment. And I love how you did a retrospective after the event, and then figured out how you could prevent that particular issue from ever happening again. I’m consistently awed by how well you two manage the uncertainty on your voyage.

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Thanks, darlin’! I appreciate your kind words so very much. I should note that sharing this kind of retrospective after a bad situation publicly for the community to learn from is also a sailing tradition. No shame; you just deal. It’s so good!