Bon Voyage: Thank you

Oh, you wonderful, wonderful creatures! Thank you, thank you, thank you.

We were nervous about our Bon Voyage Party. It seemed possible that we might just sit amongst you all and sob, which would not be fun for anyone.

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How heartwarming to see such a gathering of people who love you so dearly, rejoicing in your presence and your choices, and wishing to give you the best possible sendoff for your journey. Josh & I can’t wait to see you in some faraway port, and to hear of your grand adventures. <3

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Words don’t usually do well enough to communicate my feels.

This song though… seems to cut right through :smiley:

also, this one:

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Marcy, I’m so glad I was able to meet Josh! Looking forward to continuing our long adventures together in new forms and places. <3

Oh, Tenkai. Brother of my heart, I love you so much. That first song just broke my heart with joy, and the second FEELS the sea. So beautiful, both. We just got in off the water; I am inside to rest my body a little and James is working outside. I can’t wait to show him this after my liedown. LOVE LOVE LOVE

Ahhhhh I am so glad to read this! Love that you are getting that nice chart plotter! And it was so moving for me to see the outpouring of support and love from all of your communities in organizing the gift. I adored your send off party. It was so perfectly you, and I loved being a part of rallying in joy around you. Xoxoxoxo

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YOU! You are such a wonderful friend, darling. I can’t believe that with all the good work you are doing with Way to Win for the good of America and the world, that you found time this week to come wash giant sheets of stinky canvas on the dock with me, secretly organize a group gift, hold space for me on the day I was breaking down, show up for our party, bring me late-night dinner to fortify me in the middle of the party… I’m just so grateful. Thank you. I love you.

Such a lovely party! Thank you for inviting me for one last hug. And I made a new friend!
Bon voyage!!

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Marcia, thank you for coming! The friend you made is a particularly dear one to me; enjoy enjoy! So beautiful to see our departure weaving close the people who love us.

So wonderful to hear so many things in this post! Thank you for sharing the breadth and depth of your send-off. I wish I could have been there in person and it’s so comforting to hear just how much love you and James were shown. So much love your way! And yay for something you didn’t need quite yet, but will making your sailing days happier and safer.

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You are always here in my heart! And you were there in that lovely card. THANK YOU.