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In order to replace the seals and bearings on Rejoice's rudder, she had to be hauled out of the water. We were about due to repaint the part of the hull that is under water, so as long as we'd paid to have her hauled out, we took care of that as well. James wanted to do the rudder work, and we hired the fine folks at Active Marine for the bottom job. Yes, it's called a bottom job.

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Amazing! Love it! Thank you!


Fantastic job Son, she looks great. That anti-fouling paint makes Rejoice look like a brand new boat.
So glad you have embraced sailing from an all or nothing point of view. Very proud of you. Kristie seems to have taken to the life as well and has been a great partner to you and Rejoice.

Paw, in addition to the paint itself, the David and his team stripped 19 years of paint off our hull, sanded it, and patched it. They took a lot of time and care with the prep work, which led to the gorgeous smooth finish on the final product. It was a big decision and expense; we could have gone cheaper and just slapped on another coat of paint. Our wisest mentors said it was time to do the deeper work that Active Marine suggested, and we’re glad we trusted them! It’s amazing what a difference the new bottom paint makes even while 'joice is in the water! Looks gorgeous. And if it gets less growth, we’ll be faster, too! Looking forward to finding out soon.

Thanks Paw! She’s really coming together. All or nothing is the only way we could figure out how to do it! I often think dahlia is more a natural to this life than I am. It wouldn’t have happened without her.

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