Basic Keelboat

This bit of backstory was written in September 2015.

Home today after a week on the Bay learning to sail during the days and at home on my boat in the Berkeley Marina at night. Last night I woke back in my house in San Francisco very late from deep sleep. I had to pee. I could see the boom in the dark. I knew that the boat was going to jibe if I got up to pee, meaning that the rear of the boat would pass through the direction the wind was coming from and that the mainsail would cross the boat with the wind. The boom, the big metal bar perpendicular to the mast which supports the base of that sail, was therefore going to come across the bed. There wasn't enough room on the other side of the bed for the boom to come out to a broad reach, so how was I going to get up to pee? As I lay there confused and puzzling it out, I gradually woke enough to know that I was, in fact in my bed, my eyes were open, and... yeah. I could just get up! I did.

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