A Day in the Life

When we run into folks these days, everyone says, "You are so tan from sailing!" Actually, though, this is what our days tend to look like right now. On the left is the overflow of James' project; he and his work are in the engine compartment, where he's replacing a whole lot of wiring to understand a system, chase down a snag, and improve the general standard of our electrical system. Electrical problems are often said to be the most common issues on boats, and James is working hard to on examining and tending to ours now while we are safe at dock. This doesn't mean we won't have problems, but it means we'll have fewer than we might have had.

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I’ve GOT to get down to the marina and celebrate our moment in time together. You two inspire me:)

James! Happy Belated! I hope you’re still celebrating. Aren’t engines and electrical a rich mystery ? So beautiful when it all comes together.

Hope to see you soon!

Ken, we’re looking forward to seeing you. We’re mostly here, but drop us a text to make sure our times align when you are thinking of coming down; we have a little bit of time away planned for goodbyes.

We celebrated a 4 day birthday weekend, Friday-Monday! Now we’re back to the everyday. James is currently wedged into the engine room, cussing a pipe that does not want to come out and which he needs to remove to install the new expansion tank for the hot water heater. :wink: